Transiting baby to sleep on own cot

Hi mummies! I've been using a co-sleeper cot eversince my girl was born; she's 10 months old. She's been doing great sleeping in her cot, however in the middle of the night, she has a habit of sleep-crawling to my bed, and will crawl herself to sleep in between my husband and me in the middle of the night ?. Me and my husband are thinking of changing her co-sleep cot to a baby crib, which will make it hard for her to crawl to our bed, because we want to train her to sleep in her own cot (but still our room). Any tips on how to do this successfully? I'm worried she might cry & insist that we carry her to our bed.

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Super Mum

She really might cry, but you guys will need to tough it out together, so that she really learns. Try to create a new and fun bedtime routine with her in her new cot.. get her comfortable in it.. till she slowly adjusts. Both my kids sleep in their own rooms/cots now, and it’s life-changing. Haha!

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6mo ago

Thanks alot for the idea! I'll try that🥰