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Hello mummies, i need help. I getting a breast pump but i am not sure which ones is the best. Finding for the best and also affordable. Any recommendation mummies ?

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Spectra S1 is still the best as it's a hospital grade breast pump but it's bulky. Can buy 2nd hand from Carousell. They work fine just need new set of flanges which fits the size of your nipples, duckbill/valve and membranes from Maymom. Real Bubee is the cheaper version, way cheaper less than $30 and it works the same as S1. Get the new version & it also comes with a standard 24mm flanges. If the flanges does not fit your nipples then you have to buy one that fits.

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if you want affordable, can try Real Bubee. But it's not hospital grade like Spectra. i have both and for price, Real Bubee works surprisingly well.

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Just buy the affordable one. No need to be expensive..


can consider baby express


Baby Express

Spectra s1