Hi mummies, have you gotten both your parents and parents in law to take care of your LO on alternate weeks? Has that arrangement been ok on your LO so far or does it make routines confusing for him/her cause it's a different caregiver each week?

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I believe kids are very adaptable and they will adjust be able to adjust to each caregiving style accordingly. That said, I think discipline may be a bit confusing. If different caregivers set different boundaries for them (ie. can/cannot eat on the sofa, eat at the table/run around and feed), they get very confused in terms of what is right and wrong. The key to instil discipline in your kids is to ensure consistency in your discipline approach.

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It's not advisable in my opinion. Different caregiver might have different care-giving styles. Everyone is unique and not all babies can adapt well in this situation. For sake of baby, I suggest you stick to one. My friend used to do it this way; have parents and in-law looking in alternate week. However, the baby can't adapt and refuse to eat. In the end, my friend just send her to in-law and now she's adapting well.

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I don't think it will cause too much of a confusion. Babies are very resilient and they build bonds easily -- your baby will probably "imprint" on the different caregivers and learn that all of them are important people in his or her life. My best friend's baby was brought up by different caregivers (family and infant care) and she adapted well. In fact, she grew up to be very sociable and adaptable.

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My boy was taken care by both my parents n parents in law on alternate day till he was six. He adapted well. I feel that because of different caregivers, he is very easy to blend into any situations. We have no problem when we brought him to Japan, Bangkok and Malaysia for holiday. Unlike some babies who are so used to routine. Eg must have blankie, own bed or complete silent when sleeping etc.

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Think little child easy to adapt to different environtment although is altenate arrangement at different place. Unless you place your baby at the same too long time....let's say few months, baby will starts to recognize the person who take care of him/her.

I started bringing my baby to my mother in law house when he was ard 2mths old. Cos my mother in law is the caregiver. He is quite adaptable from what I see, as he allows my mother and father to carry as well. No issues so far. Train them when young :)

My son goes to my mom's place every weekend. He's very used to it, have been doing this since 1mo. And i did my confinement at my mom's. So its not strange to him. In fact he doesn't misses me when he's there.

for my girl. im on this routine. and she is pretty alert of the difference btw them and parents. they wont get confused s its nt outsider bt just make sure u guys have bonding time too...

I personally don't think that it will cause confusion . In fact , it's a great platform to bond with grandparents . Both parties are able to interact with their grandchild so why not ?