Infant Care Anxiety

Hi Mummies, FTM here.. my baby is turning 4 months old in March and will be going to Infant Care on May 21. Usually at home there s people who will sayang2 her to sleep and play with her as she s a big cryer (she screams). Worried that she wont get the same attention in infant care but I have to send her due to noone avail to look after. How do u mummies take all this positively and be ok with your baby in infant care?

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I send my girl to ifc at 5.5mo. The younger you send ur baby to Ifc, the faster they adapt compared to when you send when they are older. They adapt very fast and you can tell the teacher that your girl needs to be pat to slp, and they will do it. It’s true that they wont get as much attention as they do at home, but, when there’s a need, the teacher will attend to your girl too. So she is not neglected Good thing is they will have lesser stranger anxiety. And when she grow older, she can play together with other babies too

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11mo ago

thanks.. im sending her when she s 5.5months too by May 21.. hopefully she wont be disattach to me after IFC