do you mummies enjoy hanging out with your husband side cousins, parent in laws?

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Nope don’t really enjoy especially more so after having a child when they have totally parenting mindset from me. But still have to do it for my husband’s sake. Ironically, my husband’s married sisterS don’t let their children hang out with their husbands’ side. It can get quite awkward as I’m the only one married into the family while the other sisters and MIL just stick to one another.

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hubby's cousins, no. but his mum and siblings, we're good I guess? we have occasional outings like bbq and fishing trip when we all have the time. so yeah i enjoy the time with them. partly also they take really good care of me since im the youngest of everyone there 😂

No issues, the culture is very different; I put my foot in mouth quite often and can't remember who's called what, but everyone's very warm and non judgemental. We'd pledged to join each other's family now, I try not to have a barrier in my mind about his/my side now.

So far so good as my husband’s family and relatives not those kaypo and they are quite flexible. Most of the men all guai2 type haha… only the females like to talk but in a good way.

Not really haha.. mainly cause they speak hokkien and I don't really understand.. I'll still go cause I think family ties are important. But yea.. can't say it's very enjoyable..


Not really different level. Dislike the one kind of look or talking way.

No issue with cousins as only meet occasionally. No problem with in-law.

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No issues with that as we don't meet often(:

Not really cause its awkward 😅

Well, not often but we're cool.