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Hi mummies. My 18m is entering PG (FULL DAY CHILD CARE) In September. I will be delivering my second child in Oct. Anything i should prepare for CC? 18m is my first child so am quite clueless.

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Super Mum

Hey Momma, Congratulations on your child’s milestone! You are going through so many changes, I can understand the anxiety. 😅 Don’t worry too much about what you need to prepare.. the school should give you a packing list of diapers, milk, extra clothes, etc to pack for your child. In the meantime, you may want to start training your child to nap during the school’s nap time which is usually 1-3pm. It’s going to be a tough 1-2 weeks while your child adjusts to going to school. Be strong for the both of you!

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6mo ago

thank you! you're so kind 😍 my child's nap time is between 11-1pm 😱 she usually have her lunch between 12-1pm . Does that means I have to push forward her lunch and train her to nap between 1-3pm? The school will only be contacting me 1-2weeks before my child starts, which I'm afraid it will be too late to adapt by then 😔