Difficulty in sleeping at night that affects morning routine

Hi Mommies, Need opinions pls. My 7 months old twin baby girls are having difficulty sleeping at night. Nap nap 1-5mins only. Literally, they went to sleep morning 5am or worst 1pm in the afternoon and woke up 5pm or 5:30pm. We are all struggling, the babies, me and daddy. Our problem is their activity in the morning is gone. They will eat 6 or 7pm after waking up and take a bath. Is this okay? Do i have to worry bout bathing them at night? Or if you have any advise. Thank you! #1stimemom

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ng iiba talaga ang sleeping times ng babies.. but continue their routine sis. struggle talaga. i feel u. a warm sponge bath, start to dim the lights during the night.. have lullabies.. no tvs, laptops or cellphones, and wlang mg uusap. kinokontra kasi ang tulog pg may naririnig na nguusap. hope it will work for u.

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no worries.. minsan sis ayaw nila matulog pg gutom.