Using pillow for newborn

Hi mommies, I seeking for advice. I am a first time mom. How do you put you babies to sleep? Do you use pillow? Is it safe to use aircond and electric fan? Thanks

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Hi there, if you swaddle your baby then you can use baby pillow as newborn baby won't move/roll over yet. Once swaddling stops, and baby prefers sleeping on tummy/rolls over to tummy in sleep - pillow might be potential threat. As for aircon, some days it's really needed when the weather is too hot and humid. Using aircon also depends on layer of clothes you put on baby. I'd suggest leaving the aircon + fan on for 30-40 min before hitting the bed so that the room is cool. Then you can switch to just fan. As for newborn, you'll be waking up to feed every few hours, you can adjust aircon/fan as needed. Don't go by baby's face or hands to check hot/cold. Check backside of baby's neck, behind the ears, tummy and back... these areas should feel warm to touch which means the temperature is appropriate. All these tips from a first time mom of a now 5 months old :) Happy parenting 🙂

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2y ago

wow congrats! and thank you for the advice. appreciate it much!