Si Sen Brown Rice Powder

Hi mommies.. Any of your baby tried this powder, baby is 5month now. Am starting to let her drink this mixing with milk powder. Need to hear more voice about this as there isn't much topic regard this. I use to eat this too, only rem I put on weight and its delicious to me, but this is 30yrs ++ ago 1. How long do they get use to the milk? 2. How many times do you feed a day 3. How do u prepare it 4. After eating what is the result. Weight gain, increase appetite?

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1. We try to feed by adding 1 scoop 1st. It takes probably 1 or 2 days before we increase to 2 scoops. 2. 2 times during daylight time. So before sleep and 1st feed of the day, we will feed our baby with pure milk powder. 3. The same as milk powder. So baby now need to drink 4 scoops of milk powder now, we will put 2 scoops si sen then 2 scoops milk powder for that feeding time. 4. It did let my baby have a good appetite but there is no increase of weight. I suppose increasing of weight might differ to feeding of porridge etc or different brand of milk powder.

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1y ago

Hi do you give my bottle or spoon feed?