Importance of Milk

Hi mommies! How’s your kids? Having a healthy lifestyle is our most powerful weapon against this time of pandemic. I have made sure that drinking milk is part of my family’s healthy diet and habit. It is a must for us moms to choose and give the best milk to our growing children. Glad to have discovered Arla, the largest producer of organic milk in the world. Arla Organic Powdered Milk can surely provide my family the goodness and the right nutrition of milk. It has 50% more protein versus similar powdered milk brands. Our children need more protein as they grow. Proteins are the building blocks of body tissue and are essential in building muscle mass. Arla is the only organic powdered milk drink in the market that has the same price as the leading powdered milk brand. Price starts at ₱50 per liter pack. Grab yours now as this offer is available for a limited time only. Share with me your great experience with Arla too mommies! #FeedTheirGreatness #GrowGrowGrow #ParentsForArlaOrganic #ArlaOrganicPowderedMilk #theAsianparentPH #VIPmomsPH

Importance of Milk
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Will try this soon.😊

1y ago

Go mommy. You will surely not regret it. 🥰