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Hi mommas at what months did you start giving your child solid foods ? My baby is 4 months old now and can i start giving him the solid foods ? Please dont judge me lol If yes , can you suggest what should i give him first ? I am thinking of buying the gerber baby food puree #advicepls

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Hello! I checked with my PD first then we started feeding solid at 6 months. Perhaps it's good to check with your PD first? I make puree on my own. Started from food like pumpkin, avocado, veg etc mixed with breastmilk or formula. Around 8 months then I introduce Gerber Organic Rice Cereal mixed with fresh fruits/ veg/ meat and breastmilk or formula.

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Hi guidelines is 6 months for babies to have solids. UNLESS your PD gives green light for you to feed your lo at 4 months then you can start off with single content purees… My boy started his solids at 4 months cause he shows eagerness and PD gave green light to feed him.. :)

Please check with PD. If weight is ok, I will wait till at least 5.5mo. Because at 4mo, they still cannot sit supported which will result in higher risk of choking. My first baby food is rice cereal at 5.5m, then fruits followed by instant baby purée 😊.

My baby is 5months. I did google it says 6 months and above but i went to see PD today and DR told me i can start giving him rice cereal 1 time a day and gradually increase.

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5.5 months