Do you pay your mil or mum if they help you during confinement?

My mil is a Malaysian, my husband is thinking of asking my mil over to Singapore to cook for me during confinement and also look after my baby. My mil is so far a nice mil, so far I have no complaints about her but maybe it’s because we don’t stay together so I don’t know what may happen if she comes over to help. My mum has work + she’s quite an absent minded person, so I don’t feel safe making her help me out. Just wondering.. If my mil were to come over all the way from Malaysia to Singapore and help me for a month, how much should I give her? My husband suggests $2000, which I felt it is a bit too much when this is my own mil. I was thinking of giving $1000 for a month of help but I’m not sure if my mum will ask to help too if she knows she can earn such money from me. Any thoughts?

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Really depends on your own financial situation. But personally i would think that the cost should be lower than confinement lady. If is about the same then i see no point paying your mil this much money for confinement. CL can do same thing but better. And will be less tiring for u and hubby. 1k or 2k is fine. My hub paid my mil about this range too. But we order confinement meal and herbal soup as well. End up the total cost doesnt seem anymuch lesser than hiring a CL and evyone become tired and i was unhappy because alot of food i shouldnt be eating during confinement yet my mil didnt know or advice. All in all no matter what amount u are paying just make sure that your mil is knowlegdeable enough to cook and teach u what to eat during confinement.

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