Im 7 months pregnant lady,To married ladies (Has your hubby stopped having sex once you got pregnant?) To married ladies (Have you ever cheated on your hubby becoz you don’t get enough sex from him?) To Married guys in this group can you share with me What turns you off after your wife is pregnant? Do you wish to sleep with another becoz sex is not as fun as it use to be becoz she’s pregnant? I feel like no matter how much i tried our sex life has been changed,sometimes a week goes by without sex and it worries me pls share

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I'm guessing you're the pregnant wife from your intro! There are many reasons why men would hesitate to have sex with you once you get pregnant - some are scared that they'll hurt you/the baby when they do, others could be stressed up with the thought of a baby coming and wanting to focus on earning as much as they can before the baby comes. Some women have an increased desire for sex during pregnancy, while others have no desire at all. The reason some married couples start falling apart after having kids is because they forgot the most fundamental thing in marriage - trust and communication. Instead of trying to speculate why this happened or how you can resolve this, sitting down with your husband calmly and talking things out would probably help better.

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Thanks ,he’s probably stress how to bring the kids etc and may be im over thinking

I have no comments in this. Why must you think that way...Why not switch your thinking to ur wife is more beautiful even now she is pregnant.. If you feel that your wife is not as beautiful as before she was pregnant than you have a problem. Its your mentality..