Looking to order a birthday cake for 20pax. Any websites please? Preferably cheaper price... Suggest me any cake shops nearby Tampines?

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I don't like fondant cake due to too sweet and no good for kids. I was continue 3 years order from this shop and their price are reasonable and provide delivery service. All kiddo request 2nd slide of cake because really nice. Highly recommended. (If you saw a girl minion cake that is my daughter custom made bday cake) https://www.facebook.com/St-Kerry-Jay-Kang-bakery-258097320905539/

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I have ordered 2 cakes from SR bakery. Their cakes used fresh creams so it isn't too sweet. I don't really like cakes that used fondant. Both my kids loved the cakes. It's really soft and fluffy too! Plus it's halal and really affordable. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1631900673732209&tsid=0.7864515704568475&source=typeahead

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E-creative cakes are relatively cheap or rather not so expensive and nice. If you require buffet, you can order together and think you will get 10-20% discount on your cakes. Been ordering from this caterer for all my babies for their 1st month, 1st year, etc ... Thumbs up so far and they never failed me.

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How about jelly cake?? I odered my gal hello kitty head shape jelly birthday 1 year old only $60 if not wrong.. can eat more than 20pax.. the fb name is uncle rabbit jelly house and they provide FREE delivery!!! their shop is near bedok & their cendol jelly is awesome can consider:)

You can order from popular bakeries like Prima Deli, Polar or BreadTalk -- they usually cater for cakes of most sizes and are quite reasonable in price. Their cakes taste pretty good too and because they are a franchise, it's easy to locate them in any major shopping mall.

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If you have Muslim guests do remember to order from a Halal certified bakery. My personal preferred bakery are Polar, Prima Deli. They have nice designs at affordable prices

You can try Bengawan Solo as they have designs from Disney licensing. Quite a lot of characters and selections. They taste pretty good too.

Nana bake is at TPY but I think got delivery ... her cake n jelly cake are nice ... I order from her every year

I order from swensen for the icecream cake. Has alot of cute cartoon designs too. And its icecream!

Home make? You may get it at aljunied. Pls try to contact Joyce at 97667808. Healthy and yummy.