Possessive of my kids

Me and my kids (one is 5yo and the other is 4mos.) have been living with my in-laws while my husband is away, working. I really don't mind my MIL and Sis-in-law helping out especially with the baby, but I'm really feeling very possessive especially when baby is with SIL, acting like she's the mom, taking baby from me even when I don't ask her to.. Also, she's been spoiling my 5yo by buying her with so much stuff (hello junk food!); I really do appreciate it but I don't know why I'm feeling paranoid that they, especially my baby might become closer to her, she's able to make baby laugh more! :( I don't have problems with my own mom & sis but when it comes to my in-laws, it becomes a problem to me. We don't have any problem with each other but I don't know... I really hate this feeling. I don't know what to do. :(

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I understand may pagkaselosa din ako. Ngayon pa nga lang na buntis ako nagseselos ako sa MIL ko kasi close sila ni husband. Pero feeling ko dahil lang sa hormones kaya ako ganito. Anyway tingin ko wala masama na maging close yung SIL mo sa mga anak mo it's a good thing. Siguro sabihan mo na lang din si sis in a nice way na wag sana bigyan ng junk food sina kids. Kasi at the end of the day ikaw pa rin naman ang mom and spend more time with them magkulong kayo sa kwarto ganun tapos kapag nandyan si sis invite mo sya inside para in ka pa din sa playtime and all

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