Visiting Nations of the European Union This applies if you wish to see Latvia for tourism or employment purposes. The Latvian government require proof that you plan to reside permanently in the nation. You have to visit Latvia for a minimum of three years in order to be qualified for Latvian citizenship. In order to reach this quota (3 years) you need to see Latvia every year for at least 90 days. You will obtain a Latvian visa at any reliable Latvian travel agency. Some of those agencies even offer you a Latvian visa waiver, meaning you don't need to pay any penalties for getting the visa. These agencies may charge some fees, but should you find yourself in Latvian without a visa it's often possible to extend your stay by showing evidence that you have an intention to come back to the nation. Many international visitors can't acquire a visa directly, and it's thus very important that they look to Latvian travel brokers for assistance. These travel agents may arrange for the processing of a Latvian visa.

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