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I'm supposed to be week 7 pregnancy but went to doctor for my 2nd appt for ultrasound. he said I'm still at week 5 and fetus inside not growing and can't detect Heartbeat. Just had a blood test and waiting for result. Anybody had the same experience as me? I don't have any bleeding, no morning sickness but I do feel bloated after meals. I'm very worried now and even cried about it.

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Hi ladies, I just came back from my doc appt. I’m supposedly 9 weeks but doctor said embryo is not growing. Has been around 6 weeks for past appt and today’s appt. No heartbeat detected as well :( cried buckets from doctors till now I’m back home.... he ask me to schedule a D&C to clear ASAP.... I’m at lost of what to do

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Hi michelle! I am not sure if you are using this app now . I am having exactly the same issues as you now. Would you be able to tell me ur experience ? I am sorry if it brings back any bad memories. it is okay if you are uncomfortable to share =)

Same. I shd be 7weeks+but scan detect 6weeks and second appointment baby no heartbeat. Do twice varginal test result still same, doctor said missed miscarriage. Cry for a few days. Pls take care urself

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Hugs ❤️ Is your blood test result out yet? I had a scan done at supposedly 6 weeks, but was told it was 4-5 weeks, and only a gestational sac. The next scan about 3 weeks later showed the foetus.

2y ago

Awww... She's so sweet! Thanks dear for praying for me 🙏

it happened to me. Doctor explained that i my counting was wrong. You cant get a heartbeat at 5 weeks. Wait til 6-8 weeks to check again.

Same!! I should be 7 weeks but scan detected 5 weeks... But sadly mine came with bleeding. So doct asked me to monitor and return in 2weeks

1y ago

Hi i have same experience as u!! Im so worried. Hows yr bleeding like?