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Hi im at my 18 weeks 3 days, when will i feel my baby kicks and movement the earliest. Im very curious.

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i felt mine at around 15 weeks po.

I felt mine at 16 weeks, daddy managed to feel her kick at week 18. I think it also depends on the positioning of baby too..

I felt mine around 20 weeks and they have been very strong already! I also noticed baby likes to move actively at specific timings

first preg takes quite longer like 19 weeks to 25 weeks

Mine was 17 weeks:)

I think first pregnancy will take a longer time to feel baby movements. I’m at 13 weeks and anxious for the movements! Wonder how it’ll feel like! But at the same time I wanna saviour every moment of my pregnancy cause once the baby is out, I’d miss him/her in me! 😭

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I started feeling mine ard wk 15.. but every preg is diff 😊

around 20 weeks or so.. every pregnancy different

Hi mummy, I felt mine at 20 weeks and getting stronger at 25 weeks. Jus be patience and aft dat u have to endure Strong movements.. lol..