Any reviews on Dr Wendy Teo Shin Hui from Mount E/Mount A?

I just tested 1-2 weeks positive and am going for a scan at KKH in two weeks time. Any reviews on Dr Wendy Teo? Or any gynae to recommend? Thank you!

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I'm with Dr Wendy Teo and I'm in my 2nd pregnancy. she's wonderful! she's very motherly and caring. she will provide advice and would let you know which is the better one, but will not force or pressure you into a preferred choice. she's very attentive and assuring too. my husband and I love her so much!

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2mo ago

Hello does Dr Wendy Teo only deliver at Mount E? On contacting her, do you contact via her clinic or does she provide her mobile number?

Super Mum

Dr Wendy Teo seem to be a very well recommended gynae from what I read. If you need more recommendations, perhaps this article might help.

11mo ago

Thank you!!!