low iron..

I m 26 week 4day.. doctors say that I got low iron.. will it affected my baby after I give birth ?? Should I m worried ??

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No need to worry. I had experienced the same situation as you. doc should be able to prescribe iron supplement to improve your iron since your baby is consuming it from you. doc just worried you will faint during delivery as you will lose a lot of blood if your iron is low.

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When you have low iron, you may not be able to make enough red blood cells, and that’s not good if you do have bleeding during delivery. But don’t worry.. just take the iron pills that your doctor gave you:) you should be fine

no it won't harm the baby but you feel weak and tired all day , so better have iron supplements and iron rich g food , it will be fine . daily take spinach, beetroot, pomegranate

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With iron supplies Intake more add on beetroot and dry date or normal dates to improve iron

Take Dates everyday, take foods enriched with Iron. Eat healthy you should do well.

The doctor will give you iron supplyments take them and rest well . Eat well too :)

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Your gynaecologist should have prescribed you some supplements take care!

Check your concern with your gynae when you have your next appointment.

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probably your gynae will give you iron supplements

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U can take iron supplements