Sleeping separately from hubby

I know its me who suggested that hubby sleeps alone and me and our daughter 20 days old sleep in other bedroom but i felt really Emotional and Sad ,i wanted him to rest well since he goes to office Everyday we have been 3 years plus together and never separated so its really hard for me any new mummy has same issues? Can share how you manage to ovet come pls?
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You can ask his preference and do accordingly.
Find time to cuddle and spend time with him before bedtime
Then ask him to sleep with you again. Why banish him to the other room? Taking care of baby is the responsibility of both mommy and daddy. Share the love and share the load
Dont worry, i think once have babies the focus only sleeping seem to be least important... after awhile i think hub will sleep thru even bb is crying...
I used to worry about my husband having disrupted sleep too esp when they have to go back to work after paternity leave ends. He still offers to help me during the midnight feeds but I try to manage i