Early Pregnancy

Can I know the do's and don'ts during early pregnancy.. And also what can be eaten n drink n what cannot...

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I do fruit shakes Banana- kasi high in folate and other vitamins Orange juice - high in vitamin C Add milk - for calcium eat Tinola and nilaga na beef and chicken version add vegetables ( this is a combo of soup and vegetables na remedy sa constipation during pregnancy) Boiled egg - the only food that has choline good for baby development. For fish, don't eat raw. Sushi. Limit lang not exclude. Good choices are Tilapia, Salmon Don't eat tuna because high mercury content. Some women don't eat salmon also but ako I eat cooked salmon Kasi there are still nutrients I need from fish (omega 3 fatty acid) just limit ng servings. Be careful of foods that causes usually diarrhea to you. Avoid this.

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2y ago

thank you so much for the info. really big help for the 1st time mom-to-be like me ♥️ godbless.