Do I have a bigger risk of miscarriage because I'm extremely overweight? I'm 32 and this is my first pregnancy.

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Hey, What I would tell you is that there are numerous babies born of overweight mothers and you are not the only one. The worst thing that you can do to yourself and the baby is to think and fret that you are overweight and how badly it can affect your pregnancy. This is no time to think about being overweight, as it was before when you were not pregnant. Because at that time you could have worked on losing that extra weight. Now, you act accordingly. Primarily, think positive. Talk to your doctor on regular basis. Ask him how you can work and what all you should follow to make your pregnancy smooth. Keep a watch on your calorie count. Go low glycemic, that is, eat plenty of lean meat and poultry, vegetables and fruits (especially the dark green, red or orange ones) Eat healthy fats (like salmon and avocados). These are low glycemic food, unlike higher-glycemic foods, which are, white bread, white rice and potatoes, etc. Be in tandem with your doctor and follow what he tells you and you will have a healthy baby and a fit you. Good Luck!

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Hi, I think if you are carrying a baby it is not a good idea to think in this direction. Be positive and now think about what you can do to have a safe delivery and a healthy baby. Talk to your doctor and ask him what is the ideal weight that you should have during your pregnancy. Or how much weight gain is good in your case and follow all the tips that he shares with you. He will first of all get your BMI to categorise whether you are overweight or obese. I am sharing a link with you, please go through it. It should help you in understanding things a great deal.

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I am big too. Your height and weight?