Slovenia Etias and Schengen Visa Waiver Slovenia is a small country in the southern area, which is situated in between Italy and Austria. It's also one of those states that are integrated in the European Union (EU) following a few rounds of discussions. Slovenia has become a favorite tourist destination and many new opportunities are made for tourists and local residents alike. Slovenia is now able to join the Schengen visa free area due to its open and friendly relations with other European countries. Because of this, tourists out of any EU country can easily travel to Slovenia without having to get a visa on arrival. Individuals travelling to Slovenia must think about the comprehensive facts associated with Schengen visa when travelling to Slovenia. Slovenia is not regarded as a safe destination in respect of crime statistics. In reality, it's one of the most dangerous countries for tourists due to the high crime rates, including murder, armed robbery, carjacking, sexual attack, house breaking and drug offences. In order to stay safe throughout your stay in Slovenia, it is important that you apply for a visa prior to travelling to Slovenia. The visa documentation offered by the government of Slovenia will provide you with all the detailed info about the procedure required for you to get a visa. You'll have to submit an application form for visa through the Skopelat web portal. This is only one of the most convenient ways of obtaining a visa to your travel to Slovenia. You'll be supplied with the relevant instructions for submitting the visa and the fee structure. After submitting the application, you'll receive a receipt. The processing time frame may take up to three months since most of the qualified countries would ask that you submit the visa via the Skopelat portalsite. You can use your existing passport to enter Slovenia. However, the passport ought to be valid for at least three months after the date of your program. If you've got a passport that is damaged or is expired, you might not be able to apply for a visa to Slovenia. Your documents that could be used for immigration purposes include: first birth certificates, marriage records, divorce decrees, immunization records, house license, driving license and passport of their country of your origin. For citizens of the United States of America and certain extent of resident alien nations, there is a special scheme known as the skopelat scheme. Skopelat strategy is available to individuals travelling to Slovenia from the European countries which are member countries of the European Union (EU). Certain restrictions apply for a Schengen visa on Skopelat. It's generally free of charge but there are a number of restrictions on the duration of validity and the amount of credit which may be extended. You can apply for a visa by paying the required fees in advance. The Schengen visa-free travel for citizens of the European Union (EU) is supplied on condition that the applicant has an EU citizenship or an equivalent guarantee from a different country. The applicant should have to demonstrate that he or she has the capability to avail the facilities supplied by the nation he or she intends to visit. A person who travels to Slovenia with no necessary travel documents is thought of as an illegal immigrant. An illegal immigrant cannot enter Slovenia or is not permitted to remain in the nation for more than three months.

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