French Polynesia Etisite The French Polynesia Island is located on the tip of South America, which is its southernmost territorial possessions. It has been around for centuries, but it was discovered by Jean Baptiste Barbot of France and his men in the year eighteeneight. This discovery gave France another territories and made French Polynesia the first colony in South America. The Palenzona volcano, one of the world's most active volcanoes, is one of the most visited attractions on French Polynesia Island. Here are the magnificent "Himalaya Palaces". These beautiful buildings stand twenty-five metres high and were constructed during the nineteenth century. The white sandy beaches of French Polynesia also feature some magnificent resorts which have contributed greatly to the increasing tourism of this island. It also features many beautiful golf courses. The French Polynesia Island is also known for its rich culture. Although French is the main language spoken on the island, many people speak other languages. There are many French cultural centers, museums and art galleries, as well as cinemas. There are many clubs for entertainment and sports. There are many restaurants that serve French specialties on the island. You can enjoy fresh seafood and French specialties like Chatea Fresca and Roasted Pig and Roasted Lamb. The French Polynesia Island is a preferred choice for many tourists for visiting. The climate is pleasant all year and it is a popular tourist destination. The summer temperatures can reach thirty degrees. This is not comfortable but it is pleasant when there is a breeze. In winter, the temperatures drop down to fifteen degrees, still bearable. In spite of having a humid and rainy climate, French Polynesia Island has managed to maintain its lush tropical climate throughout the year, making it a popular tourist spot even in the winter season. You can travel to French Polynesia Island by sea plane, ferry or car. There are also lots of options for tourists who prefer a more comfortable mode of transport. One can rent a vehicle and go by foot or by bicycle. The tourist can also make arrangements to stay at one of the many hotels in Tahiti or French Polynesia. The accommodation options available are from small, family run hotels to large resorts that cater to all kinds of tourists. French Polynesia Island has been voted as the most ideal place for an adventure holiday with a lot of activities and wonderful scenery. One can choose from trips to the Pitons, Maheswarnath and Easter Island among others. This enchanting Polynesian paradise is one way to explore Polynesia which is considered as one of the most romantic places in the world.

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