Argentina Health Declaration Form When you turn the age of sixty five, you must fill in the Argentina Health Declaration form, which is valid for three years. The consuls will inspect the forms to ensure your rights. If there are any problems, they will rectify them up until the end. It is very important that you understand the entire process and know your rights before entering the examination room, even though there are some minor regulations about the maximum age. To ensure honesty, integrity, and truthfulness during the exam, it is a good idea for everyone to register at the least one year before the date. After three years have passed, if you do not come to the expiry date, then you are legally permitted to obtain the Argentina health declarations. If you have any questions or doubts about the validity of your Argentina health declaration, please contact the accredited clinic in the area. You are obliged to inform the attending doctors about the vaccinations and general health checkups you receive during your stay abroad. As long as you follow the rules and regulations, you will receive all the benefits and services that are offered by the Argentines. However, you should be aware that, upon expiry of your visa, you will lose your entitlement to these services. Generally, the Argentina Health Declaration Form is valid for three continuous years. You are not required to stay in Argentina for more than three years. The consuls have the authority to prolong your stay in Argentina, depending on their assessment. You are entitled to receive immunisations against contagious diseases that are common in the country; as well as the general health checkups that are recommended by the doctor. The consuls have the authority to request that you participate in the International Association of Medical Examination or the World Health Organization's International Health Examination System (IHES). In case you do not receive immunisations or a general health checkup, the authorities are obliged to assist you. They can refer to a specialized center where you can get immunisations. However, this is not usually covered by the Argentina Health Declaration Form. The consuls also have the authority to request you to participate in an International Health Exhibition, if this is more comfortable to you. Another important part of the Argentina Health Declaration Form is your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. As you well-being is determined through your diet, you must commit yourself to a healthy lifestyle. The consuls will require you to follow a balanced diet and a regular exercise. A well-balanced diet comprises of vegetables, fruits, proteins, bread, cereals and milk products. Lastly, as a resident of Argentina, you have the right to free medical care. As long as your resident's insurance covers it, you are entitled to free medical checkups and treatment, provided that you follow your doctors' orders. You are eligible for home health care if you do not have access to health services or you need additional assistance. It is important to use the Argentina Health Declaration Form and Consuls to ensure that you are fully informed about your rights as a resident of Argentina.

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