How to start solids with your baby?

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1. Wait for your baby to be ready: Among other things, sitting up unsupported, losing the tongue thrust reflex, being at least 6 months old and the baby being interested in food are essential before BLW starts. 2. Share your food: BLW approach believes that babies can eat normal food with adjustments made for salt and spice and a few ingredients (like honey). No need for purees. Let baby join you at mealtimes. You need to be willing to share your food! 3. Let baby be in control: Don't feed the baby. Let baby start to pick up food and try and handle it. First few weeks, they may only want to play with it. Babies love to copy and they will eventually try and get some in their mouth. 4. Know the difference between choking and gagging: Babies learn to chew rather than suck when you give them unmashed food. Sometimes they gag on food and this is normal. Make sure you know the difference. Also learn to perform first aid if they are choking. 5. Experiment with fruits/ vegetables and textures: Start by giving fist sized vegetable and fruit portions. E.g. steamed vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots. Or foods like idlis, pieces of soft chapattis/rotis.

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