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How long did you use S size diapers for?

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Our baby use until 4 months still on S size. Depends on how fast your baby grow, different baby different sizes. There is no clear answer, have to monitor daily and weekly to make best own judgement.

I would say depends on weight. My baby is 2 months now and she is only 4kg. So still using newborn. Maybe after this pack, i will start with S. Not sure how long. Maybe 2 months more then change to M

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My baby is already 3 months old and still using S. Judging on the current fitting, it’ll fit till 4.5 months. My baby is currently 5.6 kg.

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depends on your baby bum size. my bb is 90 percentile tall and 75 to 90 percentile at 5th month was still in S size until 5.5 months.

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About 4 months for my second son who was born at 2.9kg. about 3 months for my first son who was born at 3.6kg

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2-3m. actually depends on how fast your baby grow. my baby use M only for abt 1m-1.5m then to L

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Almost 1 year. My baby’s thighs were quite thin, so we couldn’t use a bigger size.. haha

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2-3 months, my son outgrew his diapers real quick ... Now 26 months old, but wearing XXL.

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About 3months. Cause the diaper seem too tight causing redness on his thighs

6y ago

4 months. If u find it tight best to change to M. Depending on the weight. How I see is when it gets tight than I buy 1 size bigger.


It depend on individual baby. I only used it for 1 month plus.