How would you describe your love for your children?

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I would cry at each stage they grow up... when they no need me to carry everywhere they go... when they no need me to feed them... when they no need me to bath them... when they go school and grow intelligently when most part of the day i am not there... realistically i know they have their own life but subconsciously i hope they never grow up... :)

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i will just say that no matter what problems i face and how many times i am close to giving up on things, my kids always make me realize that i am the luckiest because they chose me to be their mom, and they are the reason i need to be happy and healthy.

My love for my children is immeasurable and incomparable. No really words can exactly describe it. Masyadong intense yung feeling na yan pag mga anak ko ang pinaguusapan. So mahirap talaga sya idescribe.

Simple lang, mas uunahin ko sya sa lahat ng bagay at literal na isusubo ko na lang ang pagkaib ay ibibigay ko pa sa kanya at handa akong sumalo ng bala para sa kanya.

Whenever I see then I reliaze I never thought I would be able to love this MUCH!

I love them so much that i don't even know what and how i have been holding up.

Never ending unconditional indescribable LOVE 😍 💗

Unconditional. Seeing them call me mummy makes me feel wonderful.

It's undescribable because I will do anything for my child

I can't imagine. Just waiting to see my baby