How will you deal with a "mama's boy" type of partner?

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Mamma's boys are fine but them as a partner can be quite a challenging affair because their nature affects your relationship as well. I can understand what you mean as my husband too falls in this category. I think the best one can do is not to get into his relationship with his mother at all. Keep yourself away out of what he talks to his mother or how many times he talks to his mother. But in this whole scenario, one thing that you have to keep in mind is that, you must not share everything with your partner, as chances are high that your MIL would know everything. Yes, this is a hindsight to it that you cannot be an open book in front of your partner because he would see no harm in sharing it with his mother or his mother knowing it because she is a mother.

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I know some men who are mama's boy but it's not all negative about them. Sometimes, I appreciate who are 'mama's boy' kasi they know how to value a woman much more than those men who aren't close to their mothers. On the other hand, if it already affects your relationship, that's a different story. You have to talk about it and compromise. Mahirap makipag compete sa nanay so you have to come up with an agreement since he has a family of his own already.

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I agree with Faye. Do you know that he is that type of person when you were still in the boyfriend-girlfriend stage? Have you considered this as something that affects your relationship?Did you talk to him about this? Open communication is always one of the best keys to maintaining a harmonious relationship.

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I think that you can't change that about him. He will always love his mom and will always be his priority or maybe equal to you, which is totally acceptable. I think you can deal with it by either talking to him about it or just accept that about him.

Is that already proven? perhaps it will be nice to have an open communication with your partner IF being a mama's boy is already affecting your relationship.

If you have an issue just talk to him about it, if you are ok about it then be friendly to his mum and make friends with her.

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You need to tackle his mother's heart. That he is yours 💕

We just have to understand.