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Here I want share my problem and need your good advice but don’t judgement please I’m married person, 7yrs married no baby. Gap between me n my husband is about 38yrs. I felt my marriage life is bored. I couldn’t see vision & mission in there. Monotone Life. Spoke to him about this and his answer is flat. Doesn’t make me satisfied. He give me everything as he can. Sort of, he wouldn’t divorce me. If he do, he worried where they Life. Because I’m his sponsorship in my country. And he said “I will not get baby from him” I met someone, Be friends first then we have same vision n mission, adventures life, his more young than my husband. Now am pregnant from him. Yeah.. I’m make big mistake. :( I did confession to my husband bcos I couldn’t hiding anything longer from him. Yes, he is sad because I hurt him. He want me get rid off the this baby or raises this baby together with him (to be honest - he hated it to do it) or after baby born, leave his baby to my boyfriend and I come to him. Because he don’t want divorce me. I’m stress, depression, lose my appetite. Blame myself. Crying everyday. Worried about this baby because my mentality now. Dear mom in there.. having baby is the most what I want in my life. That’s why The marriage suppose to be, have family. He doesn’t have think like that. what I suppose to do for my marriage and baby? Sorry, what the mistake I did.

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