Creepy or not?

My helper has been with me for a month now. She is from Indonesia. One of the house rules we set is that she is not allowed to use her hp during working hours. Once, at 3pm+ , helper suddenly ask me can she video call her mother now? I asked why she said her mother wants to see my LO to which i am not comfortable with her request, I rejected and say she is not allow to use her hp during working hours. Also, I have a few clothes which I would like to donate and my helper took them saying she wans to send back to Indonesia. So one of the clothes I have is pajamas dress. 3 weeks later she asked me mdm can i wear this? I feel extremely shocked and uncomfortable at the thought of her wearing my pajamas button dress. Should I inform my hubby about it? Advices pls. Thanks.

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Human attitude are different from each . If you feel uncomfortable with your helper. Talk with your husband and take suitable action.