Have you tried hanging out with your spouses in "couple shirt"?

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The only time I wear similar-looking clothes with my man is during festivals/holidays. Like during Hari Raya, it's common for couples and/or families to wear traditional clothes in the same colours, which I do indulge in. For Christmas celebrations with his family, we'd go the cheesy route and wear matching sweaters or similar coloured clothes. But outside the bubble of holidays/festivals, we do not wear matching couple clothes haha.

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Well I used to do this in early twenties... Same colors, same T shirts with each other's faces... Was fun then... Today at 32 it sounds so frivolous to the extent that 'what was I thinking then.' Silly but sweet :D

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I find these too cheesy, but i think it's necessary (once in your life- cross it off your bucket list)! The cutest i have ever seen is a great grand-parent gift:

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Never a couple shirt, but husband and I do sometimes colour coordinate our outfits on days of leisure. I can't wait to have "baby & mama" matching outfits though 🤣

always! we always try to have matchy-matchy stuff. lastweek we just bought same 3pairs of joggerpants and 2pairs of the same tshirt. hahaha, even same slipper!

I haven't but I don't mind doing it when we have kids who have turned older. Reckon it will embarrass them a little and that's always a great laugh.

I've always found it super cheesy! But once I saw a whole family wearing the same shirts at universal studios, it's was so cute!

It would depend on the couple, I guess. Personally, they're not my thing. Unless a special occasion calls for it.

I so find it weird, unless the tshirts are super cool. but if on a holiday, oh yes. it's lovely :D

No I haven't, but would want to try it. Not exacting matching though may be just the same colors