Have you ever had period sex?
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It is essential to refrain from having intercourse with a menstruating women because doing so leads to an increase in the flow of menstrual blood, because the veins of the uterus are congested and prone to rupture, and get damaged easily; and the wall of the vagina is also susceptible to injury, so the likelihood of inflammation is increased, which leads to inflammation in the uterus and in the man’s penis, because of the irritation that occurs during intercourse. Having intercourse with a menstruating woman may also be off-putting to both the man and his wife, because of the presence and smell of blood, which may make the man impotent The lining of the uterus is shed during menstruation, and the uterus is scarred as a result, just like when the skin is flayed. So it is vulnerable to bacteria and the introduction of the bacteria that are to be found at the tip of the penis poses a great danger to the uterus. Hence the penetration of the penis into the vagina at the time of menstruation is no more than the introduction of germs at a time when the body is unable to fight them. The spread of infection to the fallopian tubes, which may then become blocked, which in turn may lead to infertility or ectopic pregnancy, which is the most dangerous kind of pregnancy. The spread of infection to the urethra, bladder and kidneys; diseases of the urinary tract are usually serious and chronic. ncrease of germs in the menstrual blood, especially gonorrhea germs.

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super inip si husband,akala namin wala na as in tapos na period ko yun pla may phabol pa..ayun super punas at laba ng cover ng kama..haha..kaya we never try again,kasi ma trabaho after that,so we wait 3weeks na lang after my period para wala ng pahabol pa..so kiss and hug is enough..tiis nalang kahit mainip..

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We tried, kasi akala ko tapos na pero nung ayun na nga biglang andami namng lumabas. Yung mga blood siguro na pahabol dapat. And i always gmhave dysmenorrhea whenever i have my peroid. And it really helped to ease the pain.

Apart from the dirtiness, it is actually much more enjoyment and also ease the menstrual pain.

surprisingly, it doesn't bother my husband. but it bothers me 😂

In a shower!yeah why not and it actually lessen the period cramps

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In islam, it is prohibited and a BIG NO to do sex during period.

We did once to try an get pregnant. You have a better chance.


In islam, there is bad effect to women when had period sex

yes. but i found the aftereffects super gross!