My Gf Is Delay For 1 Is She Pregnant

We have sex we use pull out method but I used it perfectly I know I didn't precum because I pull it out already why is she delay?

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When did you had your sexual intercourse? Even though you did withdrawal method there is still a medium chance of getting your gf pregnant,, IF it was set on the day where she is ovulating. In addition to that, precum already occured inside before you pulled out. You can't tell your sperm not to jump out fully, because they will always slide out even before you feel you are about to cum. Or, your gf may not be pregnant she just had her late visit, maybe her body as well as her hormones just adjusted from her first sexual intercourse.

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3y ago

There are no symptoms she doesn't have cramps

gf mo ba tlaga o ikaw yung delayed? wag ka mahiya dito sis,, everyone can help you here,,

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3y ago

Default status yan baka di lang nabago ni kuya. Mukhang bagong gawa lang din nya account nya.