Gosh, my husband forbids me to bring lo to swimming pool, forbids lo to have BLW, forbids lo to hang out. He only wants LO to just stay at home to prevent accident. My godness! I tried to talk to him and he raised his voice to me. He alwayd thought I want to harm my LO. hello, it is my child too!!

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Do ask him to join you in doing the activities together! May I ask how old is your LO?
Ask him accompany your child to give him a peace of mind?
Helicoptering?? Someday he will go to School. If your husband is preventing him from socialising, there will be other issues next time when he is of the age to enroll in a childcare.
Wow that sounds pretty extreme. Try taking lo out together with him? Maybe he is just concerned and worried.
How old is baby? Could be be suffering from the aftermath depression or separation anxiety