Just ignore it!

For God sake momies! I always believe we are here to support. Who cares if her question are awfully stupid and not important. Cause you are an ignorant and heartless! If you really annoyed by those silly question just keep it for yourself. Everyone has a right to ask question here. We are DUMB for a certain thing, even for the tiniest trivial things. We feel INSECURE FOR A GDDMN MANY REASON no matter how you disagree for her action. Just try to listen. Try to understand. Not all momies who post about her small belly is try to ask for attention! Does anyone ever talk about baby blues? Or post partum depression? Or post partum psychotic here? No? I dunno. Cuz you'll mostly will answer "ibun aja kurang bersabar" or "ibun kurang bersyukur hur hur" Or possibly judging without try to feel empathetic. I even found a comment like this "ngapain sih bun sekolah tinggi-tinggi nanti juga ujung-ujungnya di dapur sama ngurus anak" When someone tells about her dilemma I MEAN WHAT THE WHAT MOM?! If you feel it's really annoying just frckn ignore it!

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Partly agree. But kinda realize that many user of this apps is not well educated and have less common sense lol

2y ago

Doesn't change the fact that they ARE ALLOWED to ASK and SHARE