How does your preschooler schedule look like?

Hey everyone, my daughter is 4.5 years old. She goes to full day preschool/ daycare and does an extra outschool class most evenings after dinner. Over the weekend we do Saturday: Swimming with daddy, Chinese reading enrichment class, Rock climbing class, brunch play date, library visit to return and get new books, visit to the grandparents (where she does art/crafts/bakes with grandma and watches cartoons with grandpa) and then dinner out as a family. Sunday: wushu, zoom playdate with other 4-6 year olds who take turns to read to each other (sans parents), ballet class, violin, afternoon play date, dinner out with extended family. She loves trying new things and often enjoys them and then badgers us to sign up for a class (the only class she made us drop was art classes, as she preferred to do free style art). We have created a tinkering lab at home, so in the mornings before school she likes to either make jewelry (like friendship bracelets) or draw/paint something. She wakes up at 7 and goes to bed at 9. Would love to hear the schedule of other parents with preschoolers!

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My son is super active. i am unable to follow the schedule with him.