Visa For Switzerland Etias - Brief Stay Exemption and Electronic Travel Authorization There are different reasons as to why people will need to get an ETA when travelling to Switzerland. If you would like to apply for a passport, then you'll have to follow the process given by the law enforcement of the country. This isn't the case for ETA as all of the formalities are done on line. But before applying for a visa, most people must be sure as to whether they are entitled to a visa or not. If qualified, they then can apply directly for a visa. On the flip side, if a person travels to the nation in order to study or work, then he'll need to acquire a work permit or a research visa as well as the ETA. If you're travelling for business purposes, then you can also acquire either a business passport or a business travel pass. But, these do not come alongside a Switzerland Etias. Therefore this is a legal document which demonstrates that you are not a resident of the USA or any other foreign country and hence, not required to possess an ETA along with a passport or a visa.

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