Slovenia Visa Information When applying for a Slovenia visa, you have to make certain that you fulfill all of the eligibility criteria. Slovenia immigration authorities believed those who are over 18 years old as under the age of sixty five years and those who cannot support themselves or their dependents financially as ineligible to apply for a Slovenia visa. If you aren't qualified for the said group of applicants then you can make an application for the enrolled remain (LPR) or the employment visa. You can even apply for a Slovenia visa for the duration of your stay in Slovenia if you're eligible for a LPR or an E visa. To be given a Slovenia visa, you will have to obtain one from the Slovenia government then follow the process for documentation and application. The processes for getting an e-residence permit or for a passport renewal do not take much time, and most of the approved documents can be collected within a couple of weeks. Once you've got your Slovenia visa and you have another passport or number, you can travel around Europe freely and return to your country of origin at any time.

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