I just want to to vent

Don't judge me for saying this. I just want to pause being a mum and destress myself! I have two kids. One just got better from being sick and now the other one is sick. It's been on repeat. Just when i thought finally i can relax, i was damn wrong. My husband has been there for me. He's helping out as much as he can. My helper is too. Both are terrific. I just cried earlier on because i feel so tired. I just want to pause this and just go enjoy destress then come back all rejuvenated but i know that's not going to happen. Idk what to do. I feel like shit. I feel tired, i feel frustrated. I just dont know what to do

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If you feel like a bad mom just because you need a break, then continue stressing yourself out and go crazy by the day. The struggles of being a mom is no joke, it’s extremely exhausting and you barely have time for yourself. What I can suggest is make a routine for both kids slowly, get them to fall asleep around the same timing which I know can be impossible but try. Get a relative or sibling to lend a hand with the kids while you go have some me time for a few hours. It’s not wrong, if it’s for your own mental health, DO IT before you vent it on your kids.

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the only thing will judge you for is not taking the time to destress yourself! you have your needs to meet too mommy, and what you NEED is a break. do take some time off for yourself, you will come back more rejuvenated and better capacity to manage your kids. ask for 2 hours off alone and let hubby manage. you need it and you deserve it!!

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2mo ago

if i do that i'll feel like a bad mom

I understand where you’re coming from. If you’re worried, why not bring the entire household out, then maybe take a few hours, pamper yourself, have a nice high tea with your friends at the same mall but away from your kids? At the very least you know if anything happens you can get to them fast.

go for a 30 mins ice cream break. go to the convinient shop, buy d ice cream, eat on the way back or sit in the park or void deck for awhile, chill, then come bck. you cn do this alone or with husband. appreciating the small lil things together.

me too....mum of 2 ...1 i 5yr old n the other 6month....both sick cough n flu... im a housewife taking care of them alone... sometimes i feel sad that i dont hv anyone helping me but i just take it a day at a time.