Did you regret your choice of school for your kid?


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Sent baby to the 1st infantcare. This is e worst choice tat i hv made in my life... sending him to a sch where teachers are not responsible and didnt take care of babies well. Not only me says so. Other parents who put their child in the same ifc says so too. My hubby at first thot tat it was my problem. Tat i think too much and hv too many expectations. Those parents eventually complained to the principal. But i withdraw my baby out from the sch. Then, i put him in another ifc. The teachers in there are so so much better! 2nd choice of sch, i did not regret. If i didnt put him in e 1st sch, i will not know how gd/bad the sch is until he went in. Everything is gd eventually.

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