Did you get stretch marks during pregnancy?

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Yeap, I did get very ugly stretchmarks and I often joke that my stomach looks like wagyu beef. My husband still loves me and my body to bits and I couldn't care less. I treat it as a trade-off for a perfect pregnancy - I could sleep through the night without waking up right until I gave birth, had no pregnancy complications or backache and could still brisk walk at a very fast speed. It has lightened considerably after delivery, but I know they won't magically disappear unless I go for surgery.

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I did not get any stretch mark for all my 2 previous pregnancies. I hope for my current pregnancy I will not get it too. Apart from genetic reason whether one will get stretch mark or not, diligently apply stretch mark cream/oil is very important to nourish the skin and its elasticity to prevent/lessen stretch mark.

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Yes! They were unsightly but I eventually learned to embrace them as all part of the journey. :) I found a couple of remedies to help lighten them! Check this out: https://ph.theasianparent.com/natural-ways-minimize-stretch-marks/

5 months preggers and im happy to see them more now 🤗 I never wanted stretch marks, but in this case I would take everything that comes with pregnancy if it means getting to hold a strong healthy baby boy soon🥰

Didnt get any stretch marks thus far. Im 26 weeks and carrying big. I used bio oil since the beginning. Its pricey but really does help. Also helps for itchy navel and nipples

i have stretchmarks on both waist but none on tummy. but it seems to be appearing now on tummy and breasts. cuz it feels itchy sometimes. I'm using bio-oil.

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Nooo! I highly recommend The Bebe Begood Relief Salve! Also helps with rashes and baby eczema later. You can find them in Instagram or Shopee

Yes been using Celtone for a treat but it had no justice on my skin. My Baby is now 9 months and the strech marks still strong and showing. I lost hope

Yes. But everyday I put olive oil after shower. So it not too obvious. Actually I put coz I feel itchy , at the same time it cover the stretch marks.

yes during my ninth month pregnant. but the got worse after giving birth. and that's after putting coconut oil on my belly every day for 9 months.