Bottle fed Baby suddenly refusing to drink!

Dear mummies, my 3 month old bottlefed baby girl is suddenly refusing to drink! The moment we sat her in the feeding position, or when she sees the bottle, she would start crying and tossing around refusing to drink! Need a lot of coaxing (singing n bouncing) or resort to dreamfeeding to make her drink! It’s tiring n stressful :( May I know if any mummies experience this before? And if yes, how did the issue get resolved? Thanks in advance!! ❤️

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Super Mum

Hi... try change the location when feeding. Like if u used to feed in bedroom, try living room. If not, I can try changing to another brand of bottles. Some ppl change formula brand also. But baby will outgrow it anyway.

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1y ago

Sure! Will do that! And thank you for your reassurance that this period will pass!! 🙏🏼