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Hi! Currently im breastfeeding and i wanna go to formula. My milk supply is quite alot. Any idea how do i go from BF to formula without hurting my breasts? 😅 and what brand of milk is should i change to?

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hi mummy latch and pump your milk. I wouldn't recommend you to go for FM. if you have the supply just do it! from my experience I never regret until now 23 months. the boobs do wonder things like when my baby fussy just offer the boobs. when sleep regression just offers the boobs. when want to nap just offers the boobs. shopping halfway just latch on and shop. teething boobs can helps. what's the most amazing thing is if your baby is unwell when you haven sense it your boobs is producing the antibodies to your baby already. my baby ever have a fever and the milk I pump out changes color from white to yellow. *touch wood* my baby has never fall sick so far. breastmilk is the best thing for baby.

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11mo ago

Aww thank you! Thats really nice to hear. With all the new stuff i need to learn to feeling insecure about myself, that was nice of you. I hope i can be a super mum like you. Thank you so much! 😀❤️