Ask the Expert: Ideas to keep your kids engage this May holidays

As the May holidays have begun, are you looking for ways to keep the kids busy? ? We got you covered with an Ask the Expert Session, as we have Amutha Saravanan: Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of Da Vinci Group and KlayKit®. She will be answering all your questions on ways to keep your kids engage during this May holidays! So start asking those burning questions you have for her ? Topic: Keeping your children engaged amidst this uncertain COVID-19 period Date: Thursday, 14 May 2020 Time: 8.30 to 9.30pm

Ask the Expert: Ideas to keep your kids engage this May holidays
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My kid gets bored easily. What are some ways to keep him engaged?

2y ago

Hi there! Thanks for your question. So I would start by extending his attention span to begin with. So i will start with something he is very interested in and every time he comes back claiming he is bored, I will add another dimension to it. For e.g. if he really likes lego, ill give him an exercise to draw something out first that he can build. The key is to build on his attention span, so work for where he is at, say 15 mins, and then try to extend it by 5 mins every few days. You want to always break down a big task into smaller bite-size steps. Also of interest is how old is he? This may work for children from 4 years old onwards (still a bit of a stretch) but not younger than that. Hope this was helpful!