Confinement herbal packages

Anyone has recommendation on which brand carries a good one? Is it Hock Hua? Madam Patam? Lao Ban Niang or? Looking for a bundle for soup, bath and drinks.

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Chair lao ban toa payoh offers you tasty and appetizing soups. The best thing about is it doesn't have the usual Singapore taste and is more Hongkong leaning. Highly recommended!

Please try Hock Hua herbal package, my nanny highly recommended & claimed that the quality & quantity is way better than others. I quite regret to get from MP.

I've got only good things to say in my madam partum confinement soup review. It is best for those who don't know what soups to cook for confinement.

If asked for a lao ban niang confinement soup review - I would say go for it without hesitation. I feel very refreshed & rejuvenated.

I would strongly recommend Chair lao ban toa payoh as they offer you the most authentic and tasty cuisine spealizing in soups.

I ordered from madam partum. reasonable price, good service and will indicate what kind of meat to buy for the soup.

I would recommend madam partum confinement soup as they offer you multiple options with brilliant packaging.

i get from hock hua

I got mine from TCM