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Hi all, anyone gave birth at Mount E Novena or Mount A recently? How much cash (after deducting Medisave) did you pay for the natural delivery or c sect for a single bedder? Just want to have a rough idea so as to plan financially. Thanks! #firstpreganancy

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The price you pay largely depends on the cost of your Gynae (doctor’s fee). For my first pregnancy, the Gynae I chose charged almost 6k, whereas my current Gynae’a doctor’s fee is less than 3k. The total I paid before deducting medisave for my first c section was around $15k for St. Michael’s ward (single bedder) at Mount A (including the doctor’s fee) before medisave deduction. You can get a rough idea of your estimated cost by taking the following into account: 1) St. Michael’s ward is approx. $1k more expensive than the other maternity wards at Mount A 2) C section is also approx $1k more expensive than normal delivery 3) deduct my doctor’s fee ($6k) from my total and add your Gynae’s “doctor’s fee” into the total 4) deduct the amount of medisave you’re allowed to claim This was in august 2019. Also, the prices mentioned above are from my own personal experience; there will of course be additional charges should there be any unforeseen complications during/after delivery. Also, there will be small differences in the cost of paediatrician and anaesthetist depending on your choices but i would say 12-15k is the average ballpark figure for the total you should expect to spend BEFORE medisave deduction. I also recently spoke to another mummy who gave birth earlier this year at Mount E (orchard). Hers was a normal delivery and she spent around 13k before medisave deduction. Can’t comment on the pricing of Mount E Novena but perhaps someone else can shed some light on that :) Good luck with your first pregnancy!

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