Anyone experience when ur LO (below 1yr old) was sick n doc gave him antibiotics medicine??? If so, do u finished e course? Pls advice...TIA!

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If the course has been started, please finish it. It's only responsible to do so as it causes bacteria to develop antibiotic resistance as well as your baby's resistance of you do not complete the course.

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If the illness needs immediate solution, let the child to take the antibiotics. Antibiotics only effective for bacteria related infection but not viral. Some PDs will issue blood test to check if it is due to bacteria or viral then prescribe antibiotics. But in Singapore due to the 'kiasu-ness' normally doctor will just prescribe antibiotics. If you let the baby to take antibiotics, you should let him or her finish the whole course.

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There is a link between the use of antibiotics in children below 1 year of age and increased risks of childhood asthma. However, you have to weigh the risks. If your child is so sick that only antibiotics can cure him, then do follow the doctor's advice and finish the entire course. Antibiotics won't be effective if the course is not completed.

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