Anyone ever heard or use these below few agencies before ? Pls share your experiences with me as I need to urgently engage for my confinement during CNY. Thank you. 1) Star Confinement 2) Confinement Angels 3) Confinement Nanny (Josian Services)

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Confinement angels is the most recommended from your List above. It is also the most expensive. Heard the worst about Pem confinement. Star confinement I have heard both good and bad.

5y ago

Yeah I have 2 friends who used star. One was ok. The other wasn't happy. Confinement auntie they sent was quite useless. More than confinement agency, I recommend you check with friends for their confinement nanny and U call directly. For my second child I didn't use confinement nanny. What I did was order confinement catering and got my Mother in law to help out. But I also had a helper and hubby took 2 weeks off work